MAC Rocky Horror Collection SWATCHED! I see you shiver with antici… pation


I have been dying in anticipation for this collection.  Ever since I heard that it was going to come out, I had a wishlist in mind of what I was going to get.  Then I lost my job.  Booooo!

When I got the e-mail from MAC Tuesday annoucing the release, I was devastated that I would not be able to get the collection, and that it would be completely sold out by the time I would be able to purchase it.

I went to my local MAC store on October 2nd to window shop the collection and by 11:00 am, some of the items had already sold out.  Oh well.

I put the collection out of my mind and continued the day with errands a cleaning house, when later that night, my ridiculously amazing husband told me he had something for me in my master bathroom.

I walked in and IMMEDIATELY spotted the lovely black paper MAC bag sitting on my counter.  I unloaded it to see that he purchased ALMOST THE WHOLE COLLECTION for me.  What a generous husband.

So now I am glad to say that I am able to show you guys some swatches!

My skintone range is a NC37 to an NC42

Riff-Raff Shadow Palette

photo 1

The formula of this shadow palette applies beautifully and while you can’t tell from the swatches on my arm, they do look gorgeous on top of a primer.  This is a great palette to use day or night.  I wore the three shadows on the left side of the palette last night, and it helped me create a really soft and pretty 1920’s look.  I am really pleased.

Horror 7 Lash

photo 4

These are the same as the Marge Lashes from the Simpsons Collection, and also a part of the permanent collection for MAC.

Rocky Horror Lip Pencil in Vino

(They also sold him Fashion Boost and Bespoken For)

photo 4

Top to bottom:


Bespoken For

Fashion Boost

Rocky Horror Lipstick

photo 2

photo 3

Top to bottom:

Strange Journey



I love love love love love these lipsticks.  They glide on smooth and have a gorgeous color payout.  These Rocky Horror lipsticks are great for any season, and would look great on any skintone.

Rocky Horror Powder Blush

photo 5

You can see a very light swatch of this blush down the center of my arm, I will have to play with this blush a little more to see how I can get the most color out of it.  It is really pretty in the pot though.  This shade is called Crazed Imagination, it is a muted plum with a hint of pink pearl.

Rocky Horror Sculpt and Shape Powder


This powder is for highlighting and contouring, in Bone Beige/Emphasize.

Rocky Horror Glitter

photo 3

The store was sold out of this glitter but, the sales associate was really nice and gave my husband a sample to try.

Rocky Horror Studio Nail Lacquer

photo 2photo 1

He chose the nail lacquer in the shade Formidible.  It is a dark teal with pink multi changing pearls.  Nice color, and the formula dried fairly quick.  Reminds me of a dark mermaid type of shade.

So there you have it, a bulk of the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection.  I am very pleased with all of the products I was able to get from this collection.  All of the shades are versatile, and the packaging is out of this world.  A very well put together collection by MAC.

photo 5

Were you able to get anything from this collection before it sold out, or are you holding out for the holiday collections?


MAC Rocky Horror Collection-And Why I’m Mad


Today I’ve been hearing (reading) murmurings of MAC Cosmetics’ Rocky Horror Picture Show collection that will be coming out on October 2nd.  I know people have been talking about it since early summer, but somehow it skipped my mind until I heard more about it today.  This release is to celebrate the cult classic’s 40th anniversary.  Okay, so I’m not really mad per se, just irritated ’cause like MAC, please give my wallet like two seconds to recover, k?  I just purchased items from The Simpson’s collection, (review coming soon) and now you’re telling me a month later I gotta look out for this collection?!  Oy vey! 

Photo of the Rock Horror Collection from

Photo of the Rocky Horror Collection from


Now that my venting is done, I am happy to say that I am actually really excited for this collection.  The colors are dark and moody, and the perfect collection to send me full speed ahead into Fall.  

This collection will feature shadows, pigments, glitter, lipsticks, lip pencils, lashes, contour powder, blush, and nail lacquers.  

Here is a list of products that’s been going around, (Obviously not official): 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection:

Sahara (Matte) Yellowish Brick-Red
Riri VS Vivid Blush Red Amplified Cream
Sin: Deep Dark Blue Red (Matte)
Deep Love: Deep Raspberry Blue Wine (Matte)

Lip Pencil:
Vino: Intense Violet Purple

Eye Shadows:
Graphic Style:  Deep Silver Veluxe Pearl
Original Plexi: Soft Muted White and Pearl Frost
Carbon Black: Intense Matte Black
Bold Babe: Greyish Blue with Pearl Frost
Blackberry: Muted Burgundy – Plum Brown (Matte)
Crystal: Violet DuoChrome w/ Pearlized Pigments (Frost)

Greasepaint Stick:
B* Bright Yellow Blue
Intense Black

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner:
On the Hunt: True Black

Chromographic Pencil:
Basic Red: Primary Red

Powder Blush:
Crazed Imagination Sheertone Shimmer

Sculpt and Shape Powder:
Bone Beige Emphasis Nude Cream / Tan

Set Powder:

Rock Red – Sparkling Burgundy

Zoom Fast Black Lash:
Deepest Black

7 Length – Natural Everyday Glam

Gold – Sparkling Chunky Gold
3D Black – Black Glitter and silver holographic mixed in

Nail Lacquer:
Bad Fairy: Red with multi changing pearlized pigments (Pearl)
Formidable: Teal Green with Pink Multi-changing pearlized pigments (Pearl)


I really can’t wait to snag a few of the products from this collection.  The shades and type of products sounds absolutely up my alley!  I might have to ask my husband for an early Christmas present this year.  😉 

Are you excited for this collection?