I Tried Nars Tinted Moisturizer, and All I Ended Up With Was This Post…

‘Tis the season of tinted moisturizers, and since I’m a band wagoner, I hopped on the TM Train!  Toot toot! I have always been a heavy matte foundation girl because I fear the oil, but I thought what the heck, it’s starting to get hot outside, and who wants to walk around with a blanket of makeup on their face in 80+ weather?
Not I.

When Sephora was having their VIB Sale, I just HAD to get something, so I purchased Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Cuba.  I tried it on my hand in store, but ultimately ordered online.  
Cuba seemed like a decent match for my NC42 skin, if not just a tad dark, but I figured it would match my upcoming summertime tan.  (Yes, I plan for tans!)

So this morning before work, (I finally got a job, y’all!) I applied the tinted moisturizer with my brand new Beauty Blender and I kind of liked the result.  The coverage was light to light-medium, and it applied slightly sheer which is exactly what you want out of a tinted moisturizer.  I set with a light dusting of powder, and was on my way to take on the world…


By noon, I was a complete oil slick! I could feel the tinted moisturizer sitting on top of my skin.  I dabbed, and an hour later, I had the same problem again!  

It didn’t look pretty, and it didn’t make me feel like I was wearing less makeup. 

I don’t ever take back makeup, but I will be taking back this Nars Tinted Moisturizer because it just didn’t perform the way I need it to.  

Who will this tinted moisturizer work for? Probably those with normal skin, of course!  

Do you have any recommendations for oil free tinted moisturizers?  What type of makeup do you wear in the summer months?


Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics


It’s the first Saturday night of 2015, and here I am in my bathroom (AKA Tiny Beauty Blog Headquarters), eating discounted Christmas candy and swatching shadows.  Seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As of late, I have been having a love affair with Urban Decay Cosmetics.  If you have followed me long enough, you will notice that I have all of my love affairs with makeup, and I cheat often.  (Insert cute wink and cheek click here.)  My latest love has been the Naked 2 Basics palette from Urban Decay.  I originally purchased this palette as a gift for one of my besties, the writer of Confessions of a Filipina, and realized that I indeed wanted one for myself.

IMG_7273 IMG_7274

I am usually one to wear lots of color, whether it be on my eyes, lips, or cheeks, but it is important to also be versed in netural tones as well, for certain events, so I went ahead and purchased this palette for myself.

When I swatched in-store, I loved the pigmentation and the silky smooth texture of Naked2.  The shades in this palette are very cool-hued, and very taupe, but oh so appropriate for everyday looks.

When I brought it home, I loved it even more.  Because the shadows are muted, and in the same color family, they are easier to blend and they are great shadows to practice with.  The palette size is perfect for those who are inexperienced, because there are only 6 shades, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the choices.

I am an NC42 in MAC, so the colors are a little more muted on me than they would be on someone with fairer skin, but I think these shadows would work with most people, you just might have to use a brightening shadow primer to support the color.

IMG_7275 IMG_7276

As I am getting older, I am leaning toward more matte looks, and this palette is a great starting point for a matte collection.  The price point is just right, and the shadows are high quality.

I am definitely going to be looking at the first Naked Basics palette, as well as the rest of the Naked Palettes that Urban Decay offers.

Do you own any of the Naked palettes?  Do you like Urban Decay’s shadow formulas?

MAC Rocky Horror Collection SWATCHED! I see you shiver with antici… pation


I have been dying in anticipation for this collection.  Ever since I heard that it was going to come out, I had a wishlist in mind of what I was going to get.  Then I lost my job.  Booooo!

When I got the e-mail from MAC Tuesday annoucing the release, I was devastated that I would not be able to get the collection, and that it would be completely sold out by the time I would be able to purchase it.

I went to my local MAC store on October 2nd to window shop the collection and by 11:00 am, some of the items had already sold out.  Oh well.

I put the collection out of my mind and continued the day with errands a cleaning house, when later that night, my ridiculously amazing husband told me he had something for me in my master bathroom.

I walked in and IMMEDIATELY spotted the lovely black paper MAC bag sitting on my counter.  I unloaded it to see that he purchased ALMOST THE WHOLE COLLECTION for me.  What a generous husband.

So now I am glad to say that I am able to show you guys some swatches!

My skintone range is a NC37 to an NC42

Riff-Raff Shadow Palette

photo 1

The formula of this shadow palette applies beautifully and while you can’t tell from the swatches on my arm, they do look gorgeous on top of a primer.  This is a great palette to use day or night.  I wore the three shadows on the left side of the palette last night, and it helped me create a really soft and pretty 1920’s look.  I am really pleased.

Horror 7 Lash

photo 4

These are the same as the Marge Lashes from the Simpsons Collection, and also a part of the permanent collection for MAC.

Rocky Horror Lip Pencil in Vino

(They also sold him Fashion Boost and Bespoken For)

photo 4

Top to bottom:


Bespoken For

Fashion Boost

Rocky Horror Lipstick

photo 2

photo 3

Top to bottom:

Strange Journey



I love love love love love these lipsticks.  They glide on smooth and have a gorgeous color payout.  These Rocky Horror lipsticks are great for any season, and would look great on any skintone.

Rocky Horror Powder Blush

photo 5

You can see a very light swatch of this blush down the center of my arm, I will have to play with this blush a little more to see how I can get the most color out of it.  It is really pretty in the pot though.  This shade is called Crazed Imagination, it is a muted plum with a hint of pink pearl.

Rocky Horror Sculpt and Shape Powder


This powder is for highlighting and contouring, in Bone Beige/Emphasize.

Rocky Horror Glitter

photo 3

The store was sold out of this glitter but, the sales associate was really nice and gave my husband a sample to try.

Rocky Horror Studio Nail Lacquer

photo 2photo 1

He chose the nail lacquer in the shade Formidible.  It is a dark teal with pink multi changing pearls.  Nice color, and the formula dried fairly quick.  Reminds me of a dark mermaid type of shade.

So there you have it, a bulk of the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection.  I am very pleased with all of the products I was able to get from this collection.  All of the shades are versatile, and the packaging is out of this world.  A very well put together collection by MAC.

photo 5

Were you able to get anything from this collection before it sold out, or are you holding out for the holiday collections?

MAC Pump: Is $10 Too Much?

photo 4

I have been a MAC fan for years! I have used Studio Fix powder for about 12 years, and last year before I got married I was looking for the perfect wedding foundation and found Studio Fix Fluid. What bothered me most, was that it didn’t come with a PUMP! Grrr.

photo 1 photo 2

Pouring product on my hand didn’t really bother me much, what bothered me was the mess when I screwed the cap back on. The residual foundation would seep out when screwing on the cap, and make a mess.

My old Studio Fix Fluid without the pump.  You can see where the foundation would seep out, and the wear on the cap from having to wipe it down before putting it away.

My old Studio Fix Fluid without the pump. You can see where the foundation would seep out, and the wear on the cap from having to wipe it down before putting it away.

I recently purchased a new Studio Fix Fluid in a different shade, (I was finally color matched perfectly after all of these years!) and decided it was the right time to purchase a pump, for an easier and more sanitary foundation application.

I am really glad I purchased the pump because it will keep air and germs out of the bottle.  The head of the pump locks and has a cap so there is less chance of mess and waste of your precious foundation.

photo 3

HOWEVER, when I checked my receipt once I got home, I saw that the pump which used to cost $6 not so long ago, is now $10! That’s a lot of money for such a small piece of plastic! I’m really disappointed that MAC would charge so much for something that should automatically come with their Studio Fix Fluid foundation.

While I’m happy the pump will serve its purpose, I’m not convinced it is worth the price.

The foundation pump is the perfect accessory for a bottle of Studio Fix Fluid.

The foundation pump is the perfect accessory for a bottle of Studio Fix Fluid.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is a fair price for the pump? Do you use Studio Fix Fluid?  Do you think I’m just being cheap?

ModelCo Bronzer-Look Like You Just Came Back From A Tropical Vacation All Year Long



Since I belong to the NC42 skin-tone club, I consider myself quite tan.  I have always been encouraged to not wear dark makeup and try to lighten up, so I never thought bronzer would be for me.  I am an avid blush fan, but never really thought to use bronzer because I did not think it would make a difference on my skin, or stand out. 

When I received ModelCo’s Bronzer in the shimmer shade in my Birchbox for August, it sat in my makeup collection (the blush drawer) for a couple of weeks, because I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to use it. 

I finally started using it this week, and I am so happy I did!  This bronzer looks gorgeous on my full face of makeup.  It gives me the same look I have every time I come back from Hawaii.

The pigment is nice, and the powder is lightweight, so it doesn’t add more cake to my face.  This bronzer is just slightly shimmery so it is perfect to wear out during the day, without being too obvious.  It seems to give just the right amount of definition and glow. 

When applying bronzer, a good rule to follow (unless you’re a contouring superstar) is to apply to areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit.  So I apply to my forehead, the bridge of my nose, the area between my bottom lip and chin.  I also apply to the hollows of my cheeks (the area the sucks in when you make a fishy face) for a little contour. 

After searching for bronzer facecharts, I was lucky enough to find this simple one on Pinterest.

After searching for bronzer facecharts, I was lucky enough to find this simple chart on Pinterest.

 ModelCo Bronzer comes in two formulas, either matte or shimmer.  I recommend the shimmer, just because it doesn’t have obnoxious chunks of glitter in it, it really only has just enough to reflect light. I don’t really see the shimmer up close in the mirror.  The shimmer is a good option for me because I am combination/oily, and it makes my full matte face application not look so one dimensional. 

Photo courtesy of maccosmetics.com

Photo courtesy of maccosmetics.com

I use the MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush to apply this bronzer.  I like it because it gives me a more precise application that I can blend later. 

ModelCo Bronzer retails for $22 and you can get it on Birchbox.com and ModelCoCosmetics.com.


Do you wear bronzer?  How do you apply it?  Do you prefer blush or bronzer?