Moschino Think Pink Collection Mirror iPhone Case


Oh Moschino, you’ve done it again!

In the last year or so, I’ve been noticing all of Moschino’s whimsical iPhone cases. They have bunnies, geese, bears, ice cream bars, and even McDonald’s inspired french fries!

Moschino debuted their Think Pink: Shop the Dream Barbie inspired line by Jeremy Scott, in Milan. This phone case was what caught my eye the most, (mostly because I knew it’s probably the only item from this line I could realistically afford) and I’m sure it will be the most copied iPhone case of the year.  (You know, just like the Chanel inspired perfume bottle cases that were popping up everywhere months ago.)


This adorable phone case will be perfect for your bathroom mirror selfies!  It retails for $85 and you can find it on