Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics


It’s the first Saturday night of 2015, and here I am in my bathroom (AKA Tiny Beauty Blog Headquarters), eating discounted Christmas candy and swatching shadows.  Seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As of late, I have been having a love affair with Urban Decay Cosmetics.  If you have followed me long enough, you will notice that I have all of my love affairs with makeup, and I cheat often.  (Insert cute wink and cheek click here.)  My latest love has been the Naked 2 Basics palette from Urban Decay.  I originally purchased this palette as a gift for one of my besties, the writer of Confessions of a Filipina, and realized that I indeed wanted one for myself.

IMG_7273 IMG_7274

I am usually one to wear lots of color, whether it be on my eyes, lips, or cheeks, but it is important to also be versed in netural tones as well, for certain events, so I went ahead and purchased this palette for myself.

When I swatched in-store, I loved the pigmentation and the silky smooth texture of Naked2.  The shades in this palette are very cool-hued, and very taupe, but oh so appropriate for everyday looks.

When I brought it home, I loved it even more.  Because the shadows are muted, and in the same color family, they are easier to blend and they are great shadows to practice with.  The palette size is perfect for those who are inexperienced, because there are only 6 shades, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the choices.

I am an NC42 in MAC, so the colors are a little more muted on me than they would be on someone with fairer skin, but I think these shadows would work with most people, you just might have to use a brightening shadow primer to support the color.

IMG_7275 IMG_7276

As I am getting older, I am leaning toward more matte looks, and this palette is a great starting point for a matte collection.  The price point is just right, and the shadows are high quality.

I am definitely going to be looking at the first Naked Basics palette, as well as the rest of the Naked Palettes that Urban Decay offers.

Do you own any of the Naked palettes?  Do you like Urban Decay’s shadow formulas?


Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette


I had been going back and forth for a while… Do I get the Maya Mia Palette or the Tamanna Palette?  I already had the Anastasia Lavish Palette, and felt so-so about it, so I wasn’t really in a rush.  I went to Ulta last Friday, because I was in the state of mind that I deserved a treat.  (I feel this way every 6 hours or so.)

I was just leisurely walking around the aisles of the higher end cosmetics in the store when I spotted a few of the Tamanna @dressyourface Palettes at the Anastasia display.  It was almost calling out to me, and for $29, I said, why not?  I have been following Tamanna since her MySpace days, when she was a popular makeup artist out of Fremont, CA.  I have always admired her style, and I am also from the Bay Area, so I am happy to support her!


I got it home, and played around with it a little, and it is steps beyond the Lavish Palette!  The shades are gorgeous, and the formula is soft and velvety.  None of the shades are chalky, and there’s not a lot of fallout when applying.  The Tamanna Palette comes with ten shadows, a double sided brush, and five “Get the Look” tutorial cards.  Purchasing this palette has absolutely convinced me to get the Maya Mia Palette because these Anastasia eyeshadows are so high quality, without the high cost.

IMG_4925 IMG_4905

This is a look I created today following one of the the step by step Get The Look tutorial cards.  I have a feeling the Tamanna Palette will be a palette that I reach for over and over.

Do you have any Anastasia palettes?  Do you like her collaborations?

MAC Trend Forecast Palettes for Spring 2015

While window (computer screen) shopping today, I saw that MAC has released a small collection for the looks of Spring 2015!  According to MAC these shades were the most talked about during Spring/Summer ’15 fashion weeks.

(All following images via maccosmetics.com)

Trend Forecast Spring 15/Eyes


The six shades in this palette are: Blue Forecast, Night Walk, Urbanist, Superfresh, Power Player and Humble.  This palette retails for $40.  I am trying to find a reason to justify a purchase of this, but I have the Anastasia Lavish palette which has a lot of the similar colors.  So i may have to pass.

Trend Forecast Spring 15/Lip and Cheek


The six shades in this lip and cheek palette are: Go Guava, One to Watch, Spring Sensation, Must have Melon, Bang on Red and Seasonally Peach.  This palette also retails for $40.  I may have to purchase this one.  All of the shades look like they might compliment my skin tone nicely.

Studio Eye Gloss

Lightly Tauped

Lightly Tauped



Noticeably Noir

Noticeably Noir

Pearl Varnish

Pearl Varnish

Studio Eye Gloss retail for $21 each.

Trend Forecast Spring can be found on MAC.com

Final thought: The whole collection is dark toned and very wearable for Fall.

Are you going to get a heads up on Spring trends and purchase any items from the Trend Forecast Spring Collection?

So I’m Going to Sephora This Weekend, Wish Me Luck

In anticipation of payday, I always stalk Sephora.com to see what the next addition to my beauty arsenal should be.  Throughout the month I am constantly adding items to my cart and wishlist and it’s actually a good thing to have a clear idea of what I want to pick up so I don’t go overboard in store.

With that said, here are some of my current “wanna pick-ups.”

Les Mini Prismes


This small kit comes with an eyeshadow quad, a face powder, a blush, and a brush, all tucked into a stylish case.  This kit retails for $39. 

The Specs:

– 0.10 oz Le Prisme Yeux Quator in Purple Show 71
– 0.10 oz Le Prisme Visage Mat Face Powder in Beige Mouseeline 84
– 0.10 oz Le Prisme Blush in Vintage Pink 22
– Mini powder brush
– Mini eye shadow applicator

I would like to purchase this kit because these are great color combinations for a good everyday face.  These colors look very wearable for the office environment I work in.  I have heard that some are disappointed in the size, but I think this would be a great kit for someone wanting to try out the brand.


Eyes Are the Window™ Shadow Palettes


I am swooning over the colors in this palette, especially that aqua blue!  Sigh!  There are 4 Eyes Are the Window Palettes and this one in particular is called, “Body.”  I am a girl who loves color, so these shades appeal to me much more than the neutral palettes out there.  This palette retails for $49.

The Specs:

– Look book for step by step looks
– 12 x 0.51 oz Eye shadows

There are some things you just want without needing to have a reason and this is just one of those things!  


Terracotta Bronzing Powder


I have never been a bronze wearer, but since I am trying to open my mind to new makeup looks, I thought this would be a great pick.  I am interested in learning how to contour and this looks like a great product for that.  This Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder comes in 8 shades and retails for $52.   I have not settled on a shade, and can’t wait to test this out in my local Sephora.


These are just a couple of my picks, and even though I think I have a formulated plan, I am sure I will detour and walk out with at least one item I didn’t expect to buy.  

Do you research before you shop?  Do you go overboard at Sephora like I do?

All photos from Sephora,com