Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette


I had been going back and forth for a while… Do I get the Maya Mia Palette or the Tamanna Palette?  I already had the Anastasia Lavish Palette, and felt so-so about it, so I wasn’t really in a rush.  I went to Ulta last Friday, because I was in the state of mind that I deserved a treat.  (I feel this way every 6 hours or so.)

I was just leisurely walking around the aisles of the higher end cosmetics in the store when I spotted a few of the Tamanna @dressyourface Palettes at the Anastasia display.  It was almost calling out to me, and for $29, I said, why not?  I have been following Tamanna since her MySpace days, when she was a popular makeup artist out of Fremont, CA.  I have always admired her style, and I am also from the Bay Area, so I am happy to support her!


I got it home, and played around with it a little, and it is steps beyond the Lavish Palette!  The shades are gorgeous, and the formula is soft and velvety.  None of the shades are chalky, and there’s not a lot of fallout when applying.  The Tamanna Palette comes with ten shadows, a double sided brush, and five “Get the Look” tutorial cards.  Purchasing this palette has absolutely convinced me to get the Maya Mia Palette because these Anastasia eyeshadows are so high quality, without the high cost.

IMG_4925 IMG_4905

This is a look I created today following one of the the step by step Get The Look tutorial cards.  I have a feeling the Tamanna Palette will be a palette that I reach for over and over.

Do you have any Anastasia palettes?  Do you like her collaborations?


To Fill or Not To Fill In Eyebrows, That Is the Question

photo 1

Let’s just start off with a minute of silence and a kowtow to Anastasia.  She IS the QUEEN OF THE EYEBROW.

This woman is the epitome of class.  All hail the queen.

This woman is the epitome of class. All hail the queen.

Well okay, now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to talk about the rest of us, who are likely not queens of the brow.  Even though I wear a full face I do nothing more than use a clear brow gel for my little eye shades, but I have always wanted to do more.  I just don’t like an unnatural brow look, and I don’t trust myself to not be heavy handed when filling my own set of eye shades.

This is what I use.  I was  recommended this by my waxer at European Wax Center.  It works for me.  You can get it here:

This is what I use. I was recommended this by my waxer at European Wax Center. It works for me. You can get it here:

Ever since I have been on Instagram, I have noticed a lot of beautiful brows and crazy technique. Most of these girls are using Anastasia products, most using the Dipbrow Pomade.  This looks like an EXCELLENT product.  It seems like you can do so much with it.  (Get it here:

Have you seen the insanely good looking (and insanely bad looking) faded brows?

Bad, bad, bad.

Bad, bad, bad.

Good, good, good.

Good, good, good.

Brows are so incredibly important, and not all brows have to look like the one in the above picture, that’s just what is aesthetically pleasing to me.  Brow shape depends on you face, and/or your style.  But if you’re going to do a particular style of brow, you need to do it good!  






I really want to learn, but I don’t know where to start.  I guess I need to watch some more Youtube videos and practice on the weekends.


Do you do anything to your brows?  If you do, how did you learn, and what products did you use?