Clinique Black Honey Beauty-So Dark, So Moody, So Fall Appropriate


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I have been talking so much about Holiday releases lately, I almost skipped Fall.  It’s so easy to get sucked into the Holiday release excitement.

I’m not one to reach for a dark looks first, because sometimes I feel that it makes me looks a bit harsh, but I have been trying to step out of my box, and am grabbing mocha, purple, and more dark cherry shades lately.

I am constantly looking for value sets on, and today I came across the Black Honey Beauty set by Clinique.  The set comes includes: Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, A Different Nail Enamel in Black Honey, Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Black Honey, and Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Black Honey.

The Black Honey Beauty set is a perfect buy for someone who doesn’t want to FULLY commit to bold dark Fall colors.  Just looking at the tube, the lipstick is misleading because the color looks so dark, but once on, it looks more like a tinted balm.


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All of the items in this set are full sized, so at $25 it is a steal!

Normal retail price of each item:

Lipstick: $16

Gloss: $16

Nail Enamel: $12.50

Eyeliner: $16.50

That would make it $61 for the set if you were to buy each piece individually!

If you are looking for a put-together look for Fall, I would highly recommend this set.

Get it here: Black Honey Beauty

Do you like Clinique products?  Have you tried any of the Black Honey products?