LUSH Dark Angels

So Dark...So Angelic...

So Dark…So Angelic…

I really haven’t had much luck with LUSH products. I really want to like them, I feel like it is such a cool brand, but out of 6 products that I have purchased, I have only been able to make use of two things: the bath bombs, and Dark Angels cleanser.

I absolutely love Dark Angels! The associate in store tested it out on my hand, and it really made my hand feed super soft after being rinsed and dried off. I got mixed advice from two associates in store. One told me that Dark Angels is for daily use, and the other told me not to use it so often. So what’s a girl to do? Test it out at home and see which method was right for my skin.

I like to think that my skin is not sensitive, but as I am getting older, my skin is reacting to products it may have not been bothered by before. I have had this product for a few months and when I used it everyday, it seemed okay but after a week or two, my skin started to rebel against me and break out, so I cut down to using Dark Angels just a couple times a week when I feel my face needs a little refresher and it works great for that!

photo 2

Dark Angels comes in a tub, mine was freshly packed in store so I am not quite sure of the sizes offered, but my tub has lasted me since April or May until now, and I am finally seeing the bottom of the container.

photo 3

This cleanser has a dirt-like quality in its appearance and feel. It is dry and you have to take a chunk of it out of the container and mix it with water in your hand to form a paste. It has a very earthy smell which i like, but others have found to be a little strong for their taste. I used it at the sink my first time and it was wayyyyy too messy, and have since been using it in the shower and it has been great.

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I would definitely consider this a sugar scrub and not a cleanser, or at least what we usually think of as a cleanser.

I feel Dark Angels would be great for those who have oily skin because the black charcoal does a fantastic job of absorbing the oils and making your face have that tight dry feeling.

A list ingredients taken from LUSH’s Website

Rhassoul Mud , Cold Pressed Avocado Oil (Persea gratissima) , Glycerine , Powdered Charcoal , Black Sugar (sucrose) , Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate , Fragrance , Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album) , Rosewood oil (Aniba rosaeodora) , *Linalool , *Farnesol

Now that I have hit the bottom of the container I will most definitely purchase again. This is a great addition to my routine.

Have you tried LUSH products?  Have they worked for you?  What are you recommendations?