Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld x Choupette=Shupette


Let’s face it this gorgeous feline Choupette lives a better life than I.  Who wouldn’t want to be doted on by Karl Lagerfeld? I am a crazy cat lady, and as soon as I found out that Shu Uemura was coming out with the Shupette collection I was overly excited!  When I actually looked at the items available, I had a hard time finding any items in the collection that I just HAD to have.  Finally I decided on the Silk Cushion Cheek Blush in Orange.  I snagged a coupon code the get the Shupette tote with any $25 or more purchase.

IMG_5643 IMG_5644

There were two blush shades available in the collection, and I chose the orange shade over the pink because I felt that it would look better against my tan skin.  The formula is almost a mix between a powder and cream.  It seems like it would be best applied by fingers because you would probably waste a lot of product applying this with a brush.  I had a really hard time getting a good picture of the swatch of the Silk Cushion blush, but trust me, on my cheeks it actually shows up quite nicely.  It will be a great shade for me to use in the Spring.


The size of the blush is a drawback.  I did not pay close attention to the size, and when I got it I was surprised that it was a little more than half the size of a normal MAC blush.  Another thing I don’t care for is that the blush has a twist off lid instead of the more convenient compact style lid.  However, I do look forward to wearing this blush out.


I am in love with my Shupette tote, it is huge and adorable.  I can’t decide if I will purchase more from this collection as I was a little underwhelmed by the choices.

urlPicture 3

Karl Lagerfeld is truly my spirit animal.

DId you purchase anything from the Shupette Collection?


Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette


I had been going back and forth for a while… Do I get the Maya Mia Palette or the Tamanna Palette?  I already had the Anastasia Lavish Palette, and felt so-so about it, so I wasn’t really in a rush.  I went to Ulta last Friday, because I was in the state of mind that I deserved a treat.  (I feel this way every 6 hours or so.)

I was just leisurely walking around the aisles of the higher end cosmetics in the store when I spotted a few of the Tamanna @dressyourface Palettes at the Anastasia display.  It was almost calling out to me, and for $29, I said, why not?  I have been following Tamanna since her MySpace days, when she was a popular makeup artist out of Fremont, CA.  I have always admired her style, and I am also from the Bay Area, so I am happy to support her!


I got it home, and played around with it a little, and it is steps beyond the Lavish Palette!  The shades are gorgeous, and the formula is soft and velvety.  None of the shades are chalky, and there’s not a lot of fallout when applying.  The Tamanna Palette comes with ten shadows, a double sided brush, and five “Get the Look” tutorial cards.  Purchasing this palette has absolutely convinced me to get the Maya Mia Palette because these Anastasia eyeshadows are so high quality, without the high cost.

IMG_4925 IMG_4905

This is a look I created today following one of the the step by step Get The Look tutorial cards.  I have a feeling the Tamanna Palette will be a palette that I reach for over and over.

Do you have any Anastasia palettes?  Do you like her collaborations?

Gold’n Purple, Gold’n Purple, Gold’n Purple! Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Brush Set

photo 5

I purchased this brush set a few weeks ago after FINALLY seeing it in my local Target store.  I had never used Sonia Kashuk brushes before, so I had zero expections of this set, I truly only wanted the set because it is gorgeous!

The collection features a powder brush, blusher brush, duo fiber buffing brush, synthetic angled multipurpose brush, contour brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, blending brush, crease brush, small eye shadow brush, fluffy eye shadow brush, precision pencil brush, synthetic angled liner brush, smudge brush and spoolie brush.  It is a set that has almost everything you need to complete a full face application. 

Today was my first chance to try out this Sonia Kashuk brush collection, and I was not disappointed.

I ran my fingers through each brush, and they are super dense and the brush hairs are not too soft, not to hard, which is great for me because I tend to like stiffer brushes.  The only brush I didn’t care for very much was the foundation brush, but I don’t use those kinds of brushes to apply my foundation anyway, so this is the only brush of the set that will go unused.

photo 2

This powder brush is awesome!  It grabs lots of product, and helped with an even application of loose powder on my face.

photo 3

I also really like the contour brush.  It has short dense hairs that are perfect for a precise contour.

photo 4

The photo below is a full face applied with the Sonia Kashuk brushes, in naural light, no filter.  The brushes did a great job.  I would purchase Sonia Kashuk brushes again.

photo 1

Were you able to snag this 15th Anniversary brush set?  Do you like Sonia Kashuk brushes?

MAC Rocky Horror Collection SWATCHED! I see you shiver with antici… pation


I have been dying in anticipation for this collection.  Ever since I heard that it was going to come out, I had a wishlist in mind of what I was going to get.  Then I lost my job.  Booooo!

When I got the e-mail from MAC Tuesday annoucing the release, I was devastated that I would not be able to get the collection, and that it would be completely sold out by the time I would be able to purchase it.

I went to my local MAC store on October 2nd to window shop the collection and by 11:00 am, some of the items had already sold out.  Oh well.

I put the collection out of my mind and continued the day with errands a cleaning house, when later that night, my ridiculously amazing husband told me he had something for me in my master bathroom.

I walked in and IMMEDIATELY spotted the lovely black paper MAC bag sitting on my counter.  I unloaded it to see that he purchased ALMOST THE WHOLE COLLECTION for me.  What a generous husband.

So now I am glad to say that I am able to show you guys some swatches!

My skintone range is a NC37 to an NC42

Riff-Raff Shadow Palette

photo 1

The formula of this shadow palette applies beautifully and while you can’t tell from the swatches on my arm, they do look gorgeous on top of a primer.  This is a great palette to use day or night.  I wore the three shadows on the left side of the palette last night, and it helped me create a really soft and pretty 1920’s look.  I am really pleased.

Horror 7 Lash

photo 4

These are the same as the Marge Lashes from the Simpsons Collection, and also a part of the permanent collection for MAC.

Rocky Horror Lip Pencil in Vino

(They also sold him Fashion Boost and Bespoken For)

photo 4

Top to bottom:


Bespoken For

Fashion Boost

Rocky Horror Lipstick

photo 2

photo 3

Top to bottom:

Strange Journey



I love love love love love these lipsticks.  They glide on smooth and have a gorgeous color payout.  These Rocky Horror lipsticks are great for any season, and would look great on any skintone.

Rocky Horror Powder Blush

photo 5

You can see a very light swatch of this blush down the center of my arm, I will have to play with this blush a little more to see how I can get the most color out of it.  It is really pretty in the pot though.  This shade is called Crazed Imagination, it is a muted plum with a hint of pink pearl.

Rocky Horror Sculpt and Shape Powder


This powder is for highlighting and contouring, in Bone Beige/Emphasize.

Rocky Horror Glitter

photo 3

The store was sold out of this glitter but, the sales associate was really nice and gave my husband a sample to try.

Rocky Horror Studio Nail Lacquer

photo 2photo 1

He chose the nail lacquer in the shade Formidible.  It is a dark teal with pink multi changing pearls.  Nice color, and the formula dried fairly quick.  Reminds me of a dark mermaid type of shade.

So there you have it, a bulk of the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection.  I am very pleased with all of the products I was able to get from this collection.  All of the shades are versatile, and the packaging is out of this world.  A very well put together collection by MAC.

photo 5

Were you able to get anything from this collection before it sold out, or are you holding out for the holiday collections?

MAC Brooke Shields Collection-Misses the Mark When None of the Shadows Are Named Blue Lagoon

Cara Delevingne is that you?  Oh wait, it's just Brooke Shields from the 80's...

Cara Delevingne is that you and your brows? Oh wait, it’s just Brooke Shields from the 80’s…

If you have been following me, you know I love a super long post title.  #sorrynotsorry

This morning while checking my emails, I saw that I got a message from MAC, about this new Brooke Shields Collection, that I had no idea was coming out.  I’m a little confused by the collaboration, because although Ms. Shields is known for her brows, I don’t think of her as a celebrity who has as big connection to makeup.

I browsed the collection, and it’s nice.  The colors are pretty, and the packaging is okay, but nothing I haven’t seen before.

*All product photos via

Brooke Shields Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow


Left: Trusted Instinct

Right: Mortal

These shadow sets have 5 complimentary shadow colors that range from matte to super shimmery.  The shadow sets retail for $44 each.

Gravitas Eye Shadow X 15


The shade names in this set are: Pretty, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Clove, Satin Taupe, Canter, Luscious, Antiqued, Psyche, Carbon, Shroom, Persuade, Plummed, Lofty and Pepper.  This shadow palette retails for $85, which is a great value for 15 MAC shadows, but with so many quality and less expensive palette choices out there, this is a big out of my range.

Brow Set


This clear brow gel retails for $17.  I’m actually really pleased that they included this in the collection because Brooke was all about the brows back in the day!

Veluxe Brow Liner


Veluxe Brow Liner has a powdery matte formula.  The shade available as part of this collection is Brunette, which is described as a “Muted mid-tone grey.”  Veluxe Brow Liner retails for $20.

Opulash Optimum Black


This is a new formula from MAC that is supposed to be more a more intense black, and give your lashes more volume, curl and length.  This formula is supposed to last a full 15 hours.  Retail cost is $17.

Brooke Shields Lipstick


Left: Excite

Right: Gospel

These two lipsticks are really gorgeous shades.  They both retail for $22, and look like they can look great on many skin tones.  Of the collection, I am interested in these lipsticks the most, but maybe that is because I am a lipstick junkie.

Brooke Shields Tinted Lipglass


Left: Artful

Right: Knockout

Retail: $22

Brooke Shields Creme Color Base


These cream colors are BEAUTIFUL!  They coordinate so well with the lipsticks and shadows in this collection.  These creme colors can be applied on bare skin or over makeup.  The color is buildable.  I have a hard time with cream based products on my face because I am oily, but I may give these a try because the color is great.  This set retails for $31.

Brooke Shields Bronzing Powder


This bronzing powder retails for $27.50 and is in shade Scone.

Brooke Shields Studio Nail Lacquer


Left: Dignity

Right: Pricey

These nail lacquers are also a hit for me.  Especially the Pricey shade.  Retail cost: $17.

You can get the whole collection here: Brooke Shields Collection

Did you know this collection was coming out?  If so, were you excited for it?  Now that you know it’s here, are you going to pick up any of the Brook Shields Collection?

Have Sweet Dreams With Tarte!-Holiday 2014 Collection


I’ve been scoping out all of these 2014 collections from coveted brands, because I really want to know which collections I should be saving money for.  Last year for Black Friday online, I scored some great products, and I hope to do the same this year.

Today I learned that Tarte recently released their Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection 2014.  Tarte has some really great and high quality products.

(All photos in this post via

Kiss & Belle Deluxe LipSurgence Lip Set


Exclusive LipSurgence™ set includes:
• 4 Deluxe LipSurgence™ Lip Tints: Dreamy (cool raspberry), Alluring (mauve), Innocent (warm nude), Dainty (pink)
• 2 Deluxe LipSurgence™ Matte Lip Tints: Eternal (pinky nude), Fancy (plum berry)
• 2 Deluxe LipSurgence™ Lip Glosses: Kiss (light pink), Belle (raspberry)

This set retails for $34 and looks like a great value considering the amount of product you get.  It’s also a great set to start with if you want to try Tarte.  I have tried the LipSurgence lip tint before and it tints the lips nicely, althought it has a tendency to dry out my lips a little throughout the day.

Chic to Cheek Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set


This blush set includes 4 deluxe, limited-edition blushes:
• Amour (candy pink)
• Classic (soft apricot pink)
• Prim (plum nude)
• Daydream (rosy pink)

This blush set retails for $35.  I absolutely LOVE Tarte blushes.  I have combo/oily skin, and these blushes have amazing staying power and color pay off.

Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette


The exclusive palette features:

  • Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess™
  • Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Posh (pale pink)
  • Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Champagne Gold

Park Ave Princess Contour set retails for $34, and while I haven’t tried any of their bronzer or highlighters, I imagine they are spectacular.

Sweet Dreams Best-Sellers Collection


This limited-edition set features:
• Deluxe Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment
• Deluxe Maracuja Oil
• Deluxe Cheek Stain in Dreamer (pinky nude)

I don’t even have to think twice about this set.  Last year I also got a deluxe size Maracuja Oil in a Tarte Holiday set, and I was so surprised on how well it worked.  Maracuja Oil cleared up my blemishes, and actually reduced the amount of oil my face produced.  I used this quite a bit leading into my wedding in March to help keep my skin clear, and it worked flawlessly.  Since Maracuja Oil worked so well, I have also been wanting to try the Eye Treatment, but never got around to purchasing it, so this set would be a great opportunity to get those two awesome but expensive items.  Even thought they are deluxe sized, you don’t need a whole lot of product per use, so it should last a while.  The Sweet Dreams set retails for $19.

Ladies Who Lash


The limited-edition set features:
• Limited-Edition Pearl Picture Perfect™ Eyelash Curler
• Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara

I have not tried Tarte’s eyelash curlers, only because I am so used to finger holes on my curlers, but this one is really cute.  This eyelash set goes for $19.

Brushed With Destiny Set of 5 Bamboo Brushes and Makeup Bag


The limited-edition set features:
• Contourtionist™ Bamboo Cream Blush & Contour Brush
• The Balancing Act™ Bamboo Foundation Brush
• The Buffer™ Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush
• Double-Ended Bamboo Eyeshadow Brush
• Undercover Lover™ Bamboo Concealer Brush
• Limited-Edition Collector’s Brush & Makeup Bag

These are full sized brushes!!!  Ahhhh!  Squeak!  Squeal!  I’m on this set as soon as my next mid-month paycheck comes!  This set is $44 what a steal!

All Eye Need 5-Piece Skinny SmolderEYES Eyeliner Set


Includes tarte’s full size skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner in 5 best-selling shades:

  • onyx (black)
  • bronze agate (bronze)
  • smoky quartz (grey taupe)
  • peridot green (olive green)
  • plum tanzanite (dark plum)

You can pick up this eyeliner set for $27.  I think this set is the only one I might pass one, but I don’t use pencil liner.  But for those who are into pencil liner, this set is a great value.

Check out all of these Holiday products on

I am going to go BROKE with all of these limited editions coming out.  Sigh!


Photo obviously not from

Have an awesome weekend!

Too Faced Holiday 2014-It’s Never ‘TOO’ Early to Christmas Shop

Too Faced just released their collection for the 2014 Holiday season.  After Too Faced’s announcement on Instagram today, I did a little sleuthing and found that you can purchase the items at 

Here are the items that I found:

(All following images and info via

Too Faced La Belle Carousel

Screenshot (6)

  • 3 Eye Shadow palettes (total of 12 shades)
  • 2 Blush & Bronzer palettes that include our best-selling Chocolate Soleil bronzer and fan favorite Who’s Your Poppy Blush
  • Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Only $49 (A $282 value)

Too Faced Under the Mistletoe

Screenshot (7)

Three limited edition shimmer La Crème lipsticks in Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny, and Spice Spice Baby shades.
  • Only $28 (A $71 value)

Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses

Screenshot (8)

  • 3 eye shadows from the Chocolate Bar eye palette
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Snow Bunny luminous Bronzer
  • Exclusive preview of a deluxe version of our La Crème Gloss in Naked Dolly that will launch in Spring 2015
  • Only $34 (A $75 value)

Too Faced Melted Kisses

Screenshot (9)

Set includes 4 deluxe tubes of Melted Liquefied Long Wear lipstick in Nude, Peony, Berry, and Fuchsia shades.

*These are not full sized

  • Only $25 (A $40 value)

Are you getting excited for the holiday collections from your favorite lines?  I know I am, and it also gives me a little time to space out my purchases!