Indie Brands! (No, Not Indie Bands)

For my wedding last March, almost all of my decorations were from small businesses on Etsy. There are so many really creative and one-of-a-kind pieces on the site.

When I did a search for “makeup” on Etsy, I got a return of 69,102 search results!  Impressive, most impressive.


There are perfumes, body butters, lipsticks, mineral makeup, natural nail polishes, and so much more available on the site.  Yes, there is a minor problem because you can’t test out the products before you buy, (although some businesses do give the option to purchase samples) so many of these products are such high quality, and inexpensive, that the risk is worth the reward.

Here’s an article I read on xoJane a while back that talked about great Indie perfumes that were all found on Etsy.

I really love brands from local, and small scale merchants, but since I am on 12 hour work/commute days I have to do most of this type of shopping online, and Etsy is great resource for that.

I have recently fallen in love with the pastel lip craze (or macaron lips if your prefer), and yes I know I am very late, but hey in my world there are no fashion rules or seasons.

I decided that I would take a look on Etsy, and I was lucky enough to come across the Beauty BarBaby shop and found exactly what I was looking for.

Screenshot of Beauty BarBaby's Homepage

Screenshot of Beauty BarBaby’s Homepage

At the time of my purchase, I was able to choose a sample set of what she calls her Unicorn Kisses Lipstick Collection for $7.50 plus shipping.  She has the full size 8 piece collection available on her site for $31.50 plus shipping.

Nicole, the shop owner, describes her Unicorn Kisses collection as:

Twilight – a soft pastel purple
Princess Candance – a soft pastel pink
Amethyst Star – a soft pastel purple/pink
Sunset Shimmer – a soft pastel peach
Celestia – a soft pastel blue
Lyra -a soft pastel mint green
Lemony Gem -a soft pastel yellow
Amalthea -a soft pastel white.

photo 5photo 4

Ingredients are 100% natural: Castor oil, cetyl stearyl alcohol, olive oil, caranuba wax, candelilla wax, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin e, titanium dioxide. May contain yellow #5, yellow #6, red #7, red #40, red #33, red #27, red #30, orange #5, blue #1,

I tested out all of the colors, and they were opaque, but not drying which was really great.  It almost felt like I applied lip balm.  Since I am so naturally tan, these colors looked a little garish on me, but I did kind of feel like a space babe.  Which was kind of awesome.

Space Babe

Space Babe

Looked Like This (Insert Double Nob For My Toddlers and Tiaras Pose)

Looked Like This
(Insert Double Nod For My Toddlers and Tiaras Pose)

Felt Like This

Felt Like This (Ganguro Girl)

With my skin color and style, I need colors that are a little deeper so they can be somewhat wearable for me.  Will I wear these out?  Probably, but not much.  If you do like these colors, I would guess that this formula is better than NYX Macaron Lippies because it did feel so moisturizing.  High quality products at a low cost, made by individuals who care about what they put out?  I will definitely continue to support Indie brands.

Any Indie/Local brands you love?  Any suggestions?