Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival 2014: Garden Apothecary, FinchBerry Soap, Bean Hollow Beach


The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival is the first event of the Fall that I attend every year to kick off the Holiday Season.  I have attended this festival for as long as I can remember, and this year was the 45th year for the Pumpkin Festival.  It was a tradition that my parent’s started with me and my siblings, and now it is one I carry on with my husband.

I look forward to the food, I ALWAYS get clam chowder in a bread bowl with a dash of Tabasco, and pumkin ice cream!  So good.


This year we ate first, so we could “walk it off” while browsing all of the vendors.  You can get blown glass sculptures, hats, holiday decor, children’s clothing and toys, art work, kitchenware, just about anything you can imagine.  All awesome and creative.  However the only thing that really caught our eye was a personalized Christmas sign.


Adorable, right?

Since my mind is always on beauty, I was on the hunt for any locally made cosmetics.  I was lucky enough to come across a store called Garden Apothecary.  It is a beautiful store located on Main Street in Half Moon Bay.  It is really small, but has the intimate feeling of a rustic garden shed.  The store sells organic bath and body items, fine gardening tools, and gardening services.

On the left side of the store are all of the gardening supplies.  I did not spend any time looking at the gardening supplies, because I was so engrossed in the beauty products.


Image via gardenapothecary.com

To the right are all of the organic bath and body products, and in the middle of the store I noticed teas.


Image via gardenapothecary.com

After smelling all of the scents Garden Apothecary had available, because you know I had to smell EVERYTHING, I went with the Face + Body Mist, and the Flower Essence both in Rose Leaf scent.  This is the most beautiful rose scent I have smelled aside from actual roses.  It is all rose, and none of that powdery after smell you usally get with rose scented perfumes and lotions.  Both of these body products have minimal amount of ingredients which is refreshing.  The flower essence is a scented oil, which I use like a perfume, dotting on my pressure points, and the face and body mist is so light, I have been spraying it in my hair, for a longer lasting scent.

IMG_4735 IMG_4741I

I also picked up a single-use mud mask that is French green clay, and I haven’t used it yet, but I have a feeling it is also a really high quality product.  The directions on the package say, “Fill the tub…pour a cocktail…enjoy mud mask.”  The packaging for the clay mask is also biodegradable.

If you are interested in any of the Garden Apothecary products, please visit their site here.

We also stopped at a store called Gifts A GoGo where I found a couple of FinchBerry Handmade Soaps that you can purchase online through FinchBerry.com.  They smells good and are fun to look at.


I got soaps in Lavender Chamomile and Plumeria.  These soaps were not locally made, but still worth the buy.

After the festival, we headed out to the beach.  We always make a yearly homage to Bean Hollow Beach.

IMG_4530 IMG_4519

If you’ve ever been to Northern California, you know that our beaches are always cold.  However, the day of the festival was unusually warm for October, and this was probably the first time in my 29 years I was able to walk the beach without being bundled up.  It was really a gorgeous day.  There was also a man painting the beach on canvas while we were there.

IMG_4538 IMG_4534

Overall, the weather was beautiful, there were lots of laughs, memories, pictures, and even some beauty buys.  We are already looking forward to next year.

Are there any local festivals you look forward to every year?


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