Thanks to Other Bloggers, I Found the Walmart Beauty Box

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I ordered the Walmart seasonal beauty box a few weeks ago because other beauty bloggers were buzzing about it.  I received the box late last week and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of products I got in my box.  In this box, you get nine samples of products that you can purchase at Walmart.  I signed up for this beauty box for $5 which was the cost of shipping.  It was well worth it.

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Samples included:

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup

This foundation sample included a card with 8 shades to find a perfect match, which I appreciated, because most of the time foundation samples usually come in one or two colors and both colors are usually too light for me.  Included on the sample card was a coupon for $2 off which automatically makes me want to go pick it up and try it.

Pink Friday Nicki Mina Eau de Parfum 

This perfume smells really nice.  It has a youthful scent, like something I might have worn in my early 20’s.  I looked up what the full sized bottle looks like and I would purchase this perfume for the bottle alone.  Seriously, look it up!

Loreal Youthcode Pore Vanisher 

This product claims to “instantly vanish the look of pores, shrink actual pore size in 1 month.”  I haven’t tried this, and I looked it up on, and it doesn’t exactly call itself a primer, but I will try this product on a future makeup application to see how it smoothes my pores.

Covergirl Glowing Nights Glosstinis Nail Polish in #laserlight 

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I have trired a sample of Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo before, and it cleaned my hair just fine, but I didn’t notice anything special about it.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair 

I applied a few drops of this dry oil on my fingers, it smells nice, and seems heavy enough to control my hair on an extra frizzy day.

Loreal Glossy Balm Innocent Coral

photo 3

I really like this balm, this is definitely no Lip Smackers.  This is a more grownup version of lipbalm, with no scent or smell which is nice because you won’t lick your lips as frequently.  The color is bright for a lipbalm and leaves a nice layer of sheer color on the lips.  Loreal Glossy Balm is a great product for those days when you just want a little pop of color without going over the top with a full on lipstick.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid 

I have used Secret Clinical Strength before and it is a good deoderant.  I don’t believe the clinical strength hype, because I have learned from experience that it doesn’t hold up on a hot summer day, but in cooler weather it works just fine for me.  This deoderant is nearly $8 in stores, so this deoderant and the other products in this box MORE THAN made up for the $5 shipping cost I paid.

If I find that Walmart puts out boxes for the following season, I will most definitely get them all.

Did you get the Walmart box?  Were you impressed with the samples you received?


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