Does Your Hair Hold Static in The Colder Months?


My hair is thick, curly and frizzy naturally, and I keep it flat ironed almost exclusively.  While my slick straight hair works mostly year round where I live, the slightly colder months leave me looking like I rubbed a balloon through my hair.

There is a whole scientific explanation as to why your hair gets static in cold weather, but the simple explanation is that the lack of moisture in your hair contributes to static.  If you want to know more, GOOGLE IT!

Over time, I have used different beauty hacks to try to tame the static, and they usually do not work.

This little girl is totally going to get hair static.  At least she will smell good.

This little girl is totally going to get hair static. At least she will smell good.

I’ve tried the dyer sheet trick.  While it left my hair smelling lovely, it did nothing to tame my strands.  I’ve recently read that instead of rubbing the dryer sheet directly on your hair, you can rub it on your pillowcase before sleeping, or rub against the bristles of your brush…  I’m skeptical.


I’ve tried spraying the ends of my hair with Moroccan Oil before leaving home, and while it does wonderful things to my hair while blow drying, it still doesn’t stop the static!


What has worked for me in the past is using a shampoo and conditioner that are a little heavier like Davines Oi Collection.  Oi contains roucou oil (also known as annatto or achiote) which helps repair damaged hair, and also protect against UV rays.  This shampoo and conditioner weren’t great for me during the summer months, because my hair doesn’t need any extra oil during that time, but during the cooler months, this will work really well in making sure my straight styled strands stay in place. You can snag it here davines,com or a Davines friendly salon.


Avoid synthetic fabrics.


Avoid plastic combs and brushes.  Use natural bristle brushes, and wooden combs in the winter months.

Oh yeah, and if Family Guy ever taught us anything, DON’T SHUFFLE YOUR FEET ON THE CARPET! 🙂


Do you deal with static hair in the Winter months?  Do you have any tried and true hair hacks?


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