Walgreens Mini Haul-lelujah!

This is a pic of the actual location via Yelp.

This is a pic of the actual location via Yelp.

I want to start this off by sending my praises to the woman who works in the beauty department at the Walgreens near my job in Pleasanton, California. She is beyond nice and so helpful. She went out of her way to show me where things were, and gave me suggestions for products. it was like I was at the Walgreens version of Sephora, except she was more helpful!

I really went in to see if they had any Halloween collections available but all they really had was the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers collection which I did not like at all.  Dare I say it looked a little like Dollar Store no-name brand makeup?  Or maybe I’ve grown out of the glitter stage.  I did however pick up a tube of the colored mascara in blue.


I somehow scored a Wet N Wild brush from their Spring collection. It was hanging out randomly by itself, so I snagged it because it was cute. Doh! Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color in 6 shades, Kiss Lashes, Wet n Wild Fantasty Makers Color Blast Mascara in blue. I HAD to get candy and gum, and the small silver box on the bottom was a serum sample the nice Walgreens employee gave me.

I didn’t take a picture of all of the items I purchased because 1: this is supposed to be a quick post, and 2: I just didn’t think about it last night.

I picked up six more MegaLast Lip Color to add to my collection.  (I love these little cheapies!)  The shade I purchased were: Cherry Picking, Stoplight Red, Red Velvet, Don’t Blink Pink, Mauve Outta Here, and Cherry Bomb.


I also couldn’t resist picking up these Kiss lashes.  They are packaged in a masquerade mask style, where you can hold the handle and put it up to your face to “see” what they would look like on.  While the plastic is hard to see through, so you can’t do that, the packaging is cute none the less.

The following picture is horrible, so I apologize ahead of time.


To give you a better idea of what the Master Your Disguise display looks like, the following picture is courtesy of Musings of A Muse.  Check out the original post, she’s an awesome beauty blogger.

Photo via musingsofamuse.com

Photo via musingsofamuse.com

As for my candy, well I keep that in one of my bathroom drawers cause you never know when hunger will strike in mid-blowdry.


There you have it folks, probably the most underwhelming haul you will look at today.

By the way, whoever came up with he idea for all of the cashiers to say “Be well.” before you leave Walgreens was GENIUS.

Tell me what Halloween beauty collections you’re looking forward to.  I want to be on the lookout for some good stuff.


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