MAC Trend Forecast Palettes for Spring 2015

While window (computer screen) shopping today, I saw that MAC has released a small collection for the looks of Spring 2015!  According to MAC these shades were the most talked about during Spring/Summer ’15 fashion weeks.

(All following images via

Trend Forecast Spring 15/Eyes


The six shades in this palette are: Blue Forecast, Night Walk, Urbanist, Superfresh, Power Player and Humble.  This palette retails for $40.  I am trying to find a reason to justify a purchase of this, but I have the Anastasia Lavish palette which has a lot of the similar colors.  So i may have to pass.

Trend Forecast Spring 15/Lip and Cheek


The six shades in this lip and cheek palette are: Go Guava, One to Watch, Spring Sensation, Must have Melon, Bang on Red and Seasonally Peach.  This palette also retails for $40.  I may have to purchase this one.  All of the shades look like they might compliment my skin tone nicely.

Studio Eye Gloss

Lightly Tauped

Lightly Tauped



Noticeably Noir

Noticeably Noir

Pearl Varnish

Pearl Varnish

Studio Eye Gloss retail for $21 each.

Trend Forecast Spring can be found on

Final thought: The whole collection is dark toned and very wearable for Fall.

Are you going to get a heads up on Spring trends and purchase any items from the Trend Forecast Spring Collection?


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