At What Age Do Women Feel Most Confident?


I am currently 29, and heading into my 30th year quickly.  30 is not old by any means, but when I was a teenager?  30 seemed so out of reach.

I still feel like a kid in many ways.  I lived with my parents until I was 28, I can’t resist a stop at Sanrio, and I have the humor of a 13 year old boy. (Fart jokes, I got ’em.)  However, as I have glided into my late 20’s, along increasing age, has come the ease of accepting myself.

As a teen, I would wake up every morning for school in a PANIC.  Anxious to the point of a stomach ache daily, all because I was so worried about my image, and what my peers thought of me.

When I hit my late 20’s, something inside of my body and my mind changed.  I no longer panic about the way I look, or care about the perception of others.  I still apply makeup daily, comb my hair, and wear nice things, but it is no longer for other people, it is for me.


For those who are not confident when they are younger, the confidence usually comes with age.  You’re just too tired, and have too many obligations to spend time thinking of the self you project out to the world.


I read a few studies, and almost every one of them said that women become their most confident selves sexually, physically, and emotionally at age 31 and beyond.

Excert from elitedaily,com

Our culturally obsessive quest to maintain youthful looks is dominated by the trends and standards of beautiful 20-somethings. But a recent UK based study has revealed that women are actually in their prime at age of 35. The studies conducted a multitude of experiments which surveyed different styles and looks, concluding that the mid-thirties bring a new found confidence in a woman’s style and image.

Confidence is sexy. One in three women grew more comfortable with their appearance the older they became, while three out of four believe that their sense of style improved greatly after their 20s.

While looking for the age to confidence correlation in women, I also decided to see if I could find any studies on males and confidence.  Almost all of the articles I could find online already assume men are confident, or that they wanted advice on how to become MORE confident.  Such a difference in the female articles on confidence that have a tone of assumption that we aren’t confident at all, and how to get there.

If you start to feel good about yourself, and surround yourself with positive people, other circumstances in your life are bound to change for the better.

Tell me, when did you feel your most confident?  Does it have to do with age or maturity?


4 thoughts on “At What Age Do Women Feel Most Confident?

  1. I am 29 too! I can say that I am certainly more confident now than I have ever been. I think it definitely gets better with age. The late 20’s/early 30’s are where it’s at!


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