Can We Talk About Ben Nye Banana Powder for a Minute?


Oh Ben Nye, thank you for inventing this product which is now available to the masses.  This powder is not a miracle, the miracle is in the person who knows how to apply it. 

 Benjamin Emmet Nye, Sr. in case you were wondering.

The genius behind Ben Nye Makeup Company: Benjamin Emmet Nye, Sr. in case you were wondering.

To  be honest, I ordered this Banana Powder sight unseen because a few years ago, I heard one of Kim Kardashian’s makeup artists used it on her.  Those who wear a full face all want to know the secrets to her makeup perfection. 


I have been using Ben Nye Banana Powder for the better part of a year now.  I am tan with a yellow undertone, so this powder suits me nicely.  I use it to set my undereye concealer, and to lighten and brighten my dark circles. 

Using this extremely finely milled powder is not for the faint of heart or makeup novices, as it is hard to know where and how to apply it to make you look your best.  The best part of the powder is that it is so finely milled that it does not attribute to a cake face.  I’m sure you can layer it with a wet beauty sponge if you really want a caked on look, but in itself, with a dry sponge, I have been able to apply over my concealer and find that I haven’t had a problem with it. 

Sorry for the crude language, but I had to!

Sorry for the crude language, but I had to!

For me, it is best to use this powder over some kind of primer, concealer, or foundation because it seems to need something to stick to.   Most of the advice I have heard about Banana Powder is that once applying, let it “bake” or set-in before blending out. 

I purchased the 1.5 oz. container, which is considered the small size, a year ago and I haven’t even used a quarter of the product yet.  So you don’t need to buy the larger sizes unless you are a makeup artist using it on clients, because you will not go through product quickly. 

I purchased from  At the time I paid $11, but now it has gone up to $15 for the 1.5 oz size which is well worth it considering how much other makeup brands sell for that amount of product. 

I love applying this powder, since I apply a full matte face, it can sometimes look very one dimensional, and this powder helps with that.  It gives some highlight and variation, without the shimmer or sparkle that most highlighters have.  It translates really beautifully in photos as well, because there is no flash back or white cast.

Give Banana Luxury Powder a try, it will become a holy grail in your kit.

Wearing banana powder

Wearing banana powder for a Target run

Banana Powder Tutorial from Nur (NURBERXO on Instagram):

Have you tried Banana Powder?  Did it work for you?


One thought on “Can We Talk About Ben Nye Banana Powder for a Minute?

  1. Hi, i ordered ben nye banana product on amazon and im yet to get it but the recent reviews on the seller’s page showed I would be receiving a fake product mainly because the bottle is different from what i already know…, i mean the label on the original bottle says “ben nye banana luxury powder ” nothing was translated in french” but the fake one is labelled “ben nye luxury powder, poudre de luxe banana ” (im talking about the 1.5oz).
    I already messaged the seller that I would be returning it as soon i get the powder but she claims to be selling authentic but then she would refund me. Now my question is has ben bye changed the 1.5oz bottle or anything outside the original bottle is fake?????


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