Do You Change Your Makeup By Season?


Do you have a natural inclination to change your makeup looks by season?  When those fall leaves blow in, do you automatically veer toward the dark green, brown and plum shades?  When Winter comes, do you reach for the items that will make you look like Anna from Frozen?  At Spring do you reach for the pastels?  And when Summer comes, do you run toward those bright tropical shadows?


Urban Decay Electric Palette

Now let me tell you why I don’t. My looks are dictated by my mood.  If I’m feeling flirty, I might apply a pastel pink eye.  If I’m feeling bold and confident, I will always wear a strong cat eye and red lip.  If I’m feeling playful, I just might reach for those neon shades.  I do it all unapologetically.

Bobbie Brown Surf Eye Palette

Bobbie Brown Surf Eye Palette

There are many fashion “gurus” that will tell you there are rules to fashion.  There aren’t.  A person should wear what they want to wear at any time of the year.  If that rainbow shadow gradient works well for you, why not wear it in the middle of December?  You should wear whatever makes YOU feel and look your best.  I am in the mind that anything in fashion goes, and I am grateful to live in a time where ALL looks from all walks of life are more widely accepted.  


What dictates your daily look?  Do you change by season, trend or mood?  Let’s talk!



7 thoughts on “Do You Change Your Makeup By Season?

  1. Rules of fashion make me laugh, the whole point of fashion and make-up is to be creative… who needs rules! My make-up also tends to reflect my mood, although I do tend to favour darker shades in autumn winter in general, I don’t know why! 🙂

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    • Yeah fashion rules are super lame. I mean I guess they make sense for those who need direction, but for those of us who can think on our own, or just wear whatever we like, we make our own “rules.” I totally understand wearing a darker lip in Autumn because who wants to wear an orange lip when it’s overcast?

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