My Makeup History: A Retrospective.

How young is too young to start wearing makeup?  If you wear makeup yourself, would you restrict your own daughter? 

As I have said before, I started wearing makeup when I was 12 years old toward the end of my 6th grade year.  I wasn’t full-face then, I started out wearing Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Mocha to the skating rink on Friday nights.


I didn’t have to sneak around wearing makeup, because my mom encouraged it.  I went into 7th grade wearing Covergirl powder, Covergirl liquid liner, curled lashes, and burgundy Wet n Wild lipstick.  Go big, or go home! 

7th Grade Hotness

7th Grade Yearbook Photo Hotness. I am sad about my self hate words though. 😦  

I greeted 8th grade with a familiarity with blue and white eyeshadow…Yes blue and white.  Even though it was the 90’s it was still pretty garish.  However, my mom did not say a thing and let me continue experimenting. 



I’m 100% sure this is the same exact Covergirl palette I used.

8th Grade

8th Grade

High school brought me into wearing liquid drugstore foundations along with everything else I had already been wearing, and why no one ever mentioned I was wearing the wrong shade from Freshman to Sophomore year is beyond me.  Let’s just say I was very… Pink.

I was on the learning curve...

I was on the learning curve…

Junior and Senior year of high school, I finally got a clue.  My older sister entered cosmetology school, and introduced me to a new better world of makeup.  I started wearing MAC StudioFix powder in NC42 (which I continue to wear to this day.)

photo 3

Junior Year. Better, right?

Me on the right, senior year.  Better over time.  I attribute this to starting young, and practice!

Me on the right, senior year. Better over time. I attribute this to starting young, and practice!

Sometimes it amazes me that I have been wearing makeup for a whole 17 years now, and my face hasn’t fallen off!    On a serious note though, because I have been wearing makeup for so long, it is hard to not wear it.  I wake up extra early everyday to put on a full face for work, I wear makeup out on the weekends, it’s rare that my face gets a break. 

I am grateful I was able to start experimenting with makeup from a young age, and not have to sneak around to put it on.  My mom set me up with a positive makeup experience, which is probably why I still enjoy wearing it today. 

Current day everyday makeup look. (No filter)

Current day everyday makeup look. 

If I have a daughter one day, I will let her choose what she wants to do in terms of makeup.  If she doesn’t want to wear any, that’s fine, and if she wants to experiment that’s fine too. 

Did you start wearing makeup at a young age?  At what age did you start wearing a full face?


2 thoughts on “My Makeup History: A Retrospective.

    • Sometimes I wish I had started out the same way. Less is more, but I’m so used to it now, I see no other way for myself. I’m gonna be one of those old ladies with a full face of crookedly applied makeup! 😛


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