Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple: AKA My Favorite Red

Photo from

Photo from

I am my most confident and radiant when I have a good red lip on.  I will wear anything from a deep burgundy to a light a bright red and feel great.  

My go to used to be MAC’s Russian Red, until I received Cailyn Cosmetics Lip Balm in Big Apple in my Ipsy bag subscription months ago.  

The title of this lippie is quite misleading, I would not categorize this product as a lip balm.  I imagine they call it a balm because it comes in a pot, but it is not as soft or “greasy” as a traditional balm.  Caily Lip Balm is matte on the lips and this shade is super pigmented.  Also, it comes with its own lip brush built into the packaging!  

photo (19)

Big Apple smile at my bridal shower last year . (Those are not baby clothes, they’re cat clothes ’cause I’m a crazy cat lady.)

photo (20)

Always beaming in my red lip. If I was wearing a nude, I guarantee the smile wouldn’t be as wide.

A red lip is good for eating pizza too!

A red lip is good for eating pizza too

The shade of this Cailyn balm is a true red, but can be versatile depending on the shade of lip pencil you use beneath it.  I heard that some people have found this formula to be very drying, but I haven’t had any problems.  I line my lips first, apply a layer of chapstick, then add the Cailyn Lip Balm.  I usually don’t have to apply all day unless I eat something like bread that will touch my lips, or drink from a paper coffee cup.  

This balm is a little pricey at $19 a pop, but there are 18 shades to choose from, you get a lot of product in the pot, and each one comes with a lip brush.  Give it a try!

You can snag them here:


Do you have a color you lean towards?  A certain product you covet?


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