Oh, Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color, How I Love Thee (And ashamed to admit it)

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Does anyone else get slightly embarrassed to admit that they like Wet n Wild products?  I do.  This is a brand that you pick up when you are like 13 years old because it’s the only thing you can afford with your allowance. 

When I started out wearing makeup as a wee little one, my signature lip was Wet n Wild’s burgundy lipstick.  Yes, at 12, my signature lip was a bold burgundy.  (This was in 1997, so totally acceptable, right?) 

After I became more knowledgeable about makeup, and MAC was becoming more popular, I forgot about Wet n Wild for quite a while. 

I ventured into the Walgreen’s near my home a while ago and decided to check out Wet n Wild’s Fergie line, when I spotted my new favorite drugstore lipstick.  WET N WILD MEGA LAST LIP COLOR!  I purchased two shades that time: Just Peachy, and Think Pink. 

The color payoff on these lippies is excellent.  What you see in the tube is the exact color you are going to get on your lips.  They are matte without being too drying, and the price point lets you experiment with colors you want to try, but aren’t quite ready to shell out big bucks for. 

Wearing Ravin' Rasin after a long day at work.

Wearing Ravin’ Rasin after a long day at work.

I just picked up 3 more shades during my Rite Aid haul this past weekend.  I got Wine Room, Vamp It Up, and Ravin’ Raisin.  I always wear these with a lip liner, and a swipe of Chapstick or lip balm over the top, and they last quite some time.  Yes, they kiss off, and leave ever present lip crescents on your cups, but for $1.99 I really have no complaints. 

Yes I left my mark, but how else would I know which cup is mine?

Yes I left my mark, but how else would I know which cup is mine?

I will snap up all of the colors that are wearable for me.  I can’t wait to try them all.


Do you use Wet n Wild?  Do you believe there’s a stigma attached to the brand?



5 thoughts on “Oh, Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color, How I Love Thee (And ashamed to admit it)

  1. I use Wet n Wild products, and I don’t think there’s a stigma at all. It’s amazing that you can find such good quality products for such a low price! And anyone who wants to judge you for not shelling out for a higher end product that is the same or worse isn’t worth your energy.

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    • I only feel like there’s a stigma attached because people view the brand as low quality and cheap. However, a lot of drugstore brands are really stepping it up in terms of quality, while maintaining a low price. I agree that anyone who judges anyone for anything isn’t worth anyone’s time! (Yes I just used “anyone” 3 times in a sentence!)

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