Sephora vs. Ulta-It’s a Shop Off Y’all!

Dearest Readers,

Where is it that you like to spend your whole paycheck on beauty supplies?  Because, let’s face it… You do spend your whole paycheck when you do a Sephora or Ulta haul.  Amirite? Also, remember when Sally’s Beauty Supply was our only option? 

When I am in the vicinity of a Sephora location, it’s almost as if the black, white, and glass store front is calling to me.  My legs end up moving faster than my brain, because I’m assuming they want a new bottle of Ciaté  polish for the hooves, and somehow I end up inside. I’m pretty sure I black out, and awake to $150 in products later and a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s.

"Come to me my dearie" -Sephora Storefront  (Oblina from ahh! real monsters)

“Come to me my dearie” -Sephora Storefront
(Oblina from ahh! real monsters)

For some reason when I’m at Ulta, I’m not as inspired to purchase as many products as I do at Sephora.  As I’ve come to know more brands, I have a new appreciation for Ulta.  It is precariously perched on the edge of having high end department store counters, and drugstore makeup aisles. It is a great one stop shop for a variety of brands and can seem a little less intimidating as its sometimes pretentious cousin Sephora.  


Where do you shop for your favorite beauty and skincare brands?  Do you have a favorite between these two stores?  


Have a really great weekend ladies and gents.



8 thoughts on “Sephora vs. Ulta-It’s a Shop Off Y’all!

  1. I love the Aah! Real Monsters reference! I buy much more from Ulta, simply because I tend to buy more drugstore stuff. But when I buy high end, I prefer to get it from Sephora because their high end selection is so much better than Ulta.

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    • Haha thanks. I loved Aah! Real Monsters as a kid, and every time I see a Sephora, they totally remind me of Oblina. I couldn’t help it. I agree that Sephora’s aesthetic is better than Ulta’s. Also Sephora’s customer service is better. I rarely go to Ulta, only if they have a brand that Sephora doesn’t carry, or to pick up both high end and drugstore products at the same time. Usually though, I just make a trip to Sephora, and a separate trip to Rite Aid or Walgreens.

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  2. Haha this post seriously rocked. From the reference to the drawing in effect of Sephora. I’m with you there woman! Sephora is definitely my weakness and to be honest I don’t even know where an Ulta is around here. From the sounds of it though I need to go explore. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Courtney! Ulta has some brands that Sephora doesn’t carry, so that’s their only pull for me. I also like their travel section (the stands by the register) better than Sephora’s, I think they offer a better value most of the time. I think I just like how sleek everything looks at Sephora, and their product displays seems easier to navigate. But definitely check out an Ulta when you can, just because they have some really great lower priced brands (Like an extended NYX section) that you might not be able to find at your local drugstore.


      • Ahhh I see. These details are actually really good to know! Travel stuff is essential for me so Ulta look out! I didn’t know about the extended drugstore stuff either so this is really helpful. Thanks!!


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