I Used a BB Primer and It Changed My Life! (Not Really, But I Did Look Good)

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Last week I dashed over to tartecosmetics.com, as soon as I heard they were having a friends and family sale.  

I had my eye on the BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer for a while, and since I had the chance to grab it at a discount, I went for it.  I purchased this in the Medium-Tan shade. My purpose was strictly to use it as a primer under foundation for a smoother/flawless application and finish.

Yesterday morning was my first time using this product. I applied it with a real techniques stippling brush but I brushed it on, I didn’t use stippling motions. This BB Primer does have a matte look, and I could most definitely wear it alone because it does set nicely with a light finish.  Since I am one of those girls who wears a full face for a bike ride, I will probably not use it alone.

The finish of this BB primer was not unlike other primers I have tried, in how it feels on my face.  It doesn’t feel heavy or like it is causing damage to my pores.

It made my skin smooth like buttah!  Because of the added pigment in the BB cream, and layering my foundation over it, it covered my blemishes really well, and I did not have to pack concealer over them at all.

I did not have a case of oiliness yesterday, and I dabbed my face out of habit and there was barely any oil on the tissue.  That was huge for me.

Just a dab'll do ya

Just a dab’ll do ya

Wax on, wax off.

Wax on, wax off.



I look forward to trying this primer out with all of my other foundations to see how they will hold up.  The tube feels somewhat small to me, so I will try to be conservative with my use.  Maybe not wear it to work, but wear it on the weekends for an extra glamorous full face look.

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment is Photoshop for the face.  I love it and will definitely buy it again after this tube runs out. I have not once had a bad experience with a Tarte Product (Maracuja oil SAVED my skin last year) and will continue to support them.

How do you feel about using primers?  Are there any Tarte Products you swear by?



2 thoughts on “I Used a BB Primer and It Changed My Life! (Not Really, But I Did Look Good)

  1. I’ve never tried tarte as they don’t sell in stores in ireland! Never thought of checking out the website. Have you tried shu umura (excuse my spelling) foam primer? It’s supposed to be amazing! I really need to invest! Maybelline baby skin just isn’t cutting it anymore 😦


    • I have heard Shu Uemura is an EXCELLENT brand! A lot of people love their eyelash curler. I haven’t tried any products from this brand but I really should. Especially the primer you mentioned. I love drugstore products but I try to be wary of the types of products I choose to pick up, unless the ingredients are similar to high end brands, because I am scared of clogged pores and bad skin.


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