A New Makeup App I Am So Excited About: Makeupsocial

Today I was scrolling down Instagram as I usually do every 2.5 seconds, and someone I follow mentioned that she just created a profile on Makeupsocial, so of course I had to check it out.

photo 2

I immediately made an account, and found a community of really positive and helpful folks who all have a passion for makeup and beauty.  It was like the big warm red-lipped hug I’ve been waiting for.

It’s still a little confusing for me, and I am still trying to navigate my way through the app, but I highly recommend for anyone who has a passion for makeup whether you are a beginner or an expert.

It is a forum for you to share your favorite products, product recommendations, tutorials, or even ask questions of the Makeupsocial community.

The Description for Makeupsocial in the App Store is:

Makeup social is the fun new social network for beauty.

Get unbiased beauty advice, reviews, and collect beauty products into you beautyshelf whilst stalking and recommending beauty products to your friends, family and beauty lovers.

We have tailored the entire beauty experience in this app such as the reviews, advice and photos to your very own beauty profile.  Find a product to suit your skin type, age, and skin tone from other people who are similar to you.

There is a feature in the app where you can save items to your collection or to your wishlist which could be helpful when out shopping.  Just open the app and check out your wishlist to double check the items you really want.

Here's My Makeupsocial Profile (Follow me @tinybeautyblog)

Here’s My Makeupsocial Profile (Follow me @tinybeautyblog)

I really hope more people get on this app, and with more users, I hope the app stays just as friendly as I found it today.

Here’s the Makeupsocial Website if you want to check it out before downloading: makeupsocial.com

Let me know what you think?  And if you download, please let me know your username in the comments and I will follow you.

Happy Sunday!


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