IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye® Anti-Aging Concealer


For me, foundation and concealer go hand in hand.  As much as I am always on the hunt for a holy grail foundation, the same goes for concealer. 

I came out of the womb plagued with dark circles.  Yes, PLAGUED!  I get them from my mom’s side and she gets it from her father’s side, and so on and so on. 

I always feel like I am fighting a losing battle with my pillows of darkness and have been using yellow stick correctors for as long as I can remember. 

I have no idea how I came across IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye® Anti-Aging Concealer, but once I heard about it, I just had to have it.  (Which pretty much goes for any product people claim as a holy grail.)  I read over and over again what a miracle concealer this is for dark circles and as an overall concealer.

I was lucky enough to find a travel size 0.11 fl. oz. of Bye Bye Under Eye at my local Ulta for $10.00 in the tan shade.  The travel size seems really tiny, but because the formula is so concentrated, it feels like it would take forever to put a dent in it.  The full size is 0.28 fl. oz. and retails for $24.00.

This is what Ulta says about the product:

Why did IT Cosmetics create this product: To finally give women a concealer that doesn’t crease, doesn’t make them look older and completely covers anything and everything!

What is it: An award winning anti-aging, treatment concealer that delivers highly pigmented perfect coverage, anti-aging technology to help treat the appearance of lines, wrinkles and discoloration, conceal dark circles, age spots and redness, conceal facial imperfections without settling into lines and wrinkles; and helps to diffuse the appearance of wrinkles instantly.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants anti-aging benefits and wants to instantly conceal imperfections, diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on the face, and achieve a more radiant looking, flawless and air-brushed looking complexion.

Why is it different: Developed with leading plastic surgeons, and using anti-aging ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen, and vitamins C & K, this award-winning concealer helps treat skin with anti-aging benefits and give a more youthful radiance while providing instant coverage for imperfections. The creamy, crease-proof formula glides on easily and lasts all day.

First Impression:

When I squeezed a bit from the tube onto the back of my hand, I was surprised at how thick the formula is.  It reminded me of those acrylic hobby paint that comes in tubes, it is that thick!  You really only need a small amount of product for coverage.  I wasted quite a bit on my first go.  I used my index finger to dab the concealer under my eyes and then blended with my finger.  The product is very tacky to the touch and I would not be able to wear it without setting it with powder.  I really liked the amount of coverage Bye Bye Under Eye gives and I would definitely buy the full size if and when my travel size is finished. 


I used this product a few times, and really liked the richness of the formula, and the concentration of color. Tan was a color match for me, but for my circles, I prefer going lighter than my foundation color, to counteract and brighten the darkness. 

I wore Bye Bye Under Eye for a full day at the office, and while it held up great, the product did settle into my fine lines. I will definitely use this product again, but only for days when I need more coverage, as I felt it was just too thick and heavy to wear during a normal day at work.  Boo for harsh office lighting! 

Where to Purchase:

Ulta: Online and in store.

IT Cosmetics:

Also QVC is running a special where you can get Bye Bye Under Eye with Collagen and a double ended concealer brush for $29.00.$uslarge$





Hello and Happy Hump Day!

I have been on the hunt for a holy grail foundation for ages.  Even when I feel as if I am close, a few uses later, and it’s usually no dice.  For reference, I am an NC42 in MAC and have been for years.  My skin tone usually doesn’t change season by season, or year by year, but my needs do.

As I am getting older, I seem to want to shy away from my tried and true heavy foundations, and go for a lighter, more natural look.

I always knew that I wanted to delve into the world of CHANEL cosmetics because it is such a lovely luxury brand.  And if I’m being honest, I always wanted to own something from the brand and their cosmetics are affordable.

I did not actually go into the store to test shades for foundation so I chose my color based on what others have said online matches with their own NC42 skin. I chose the 50 Beige shade. I ordered online from, and with my order I was able to get free gift wrapping and it was a great extra perk.


I shook the bottle vigorously to make sure the color was mixed properly before applying to my face.  I poured a small amount of product onto the back of my hand, and it had a thin, watery consistency.  I took my index finger and dabbed product onto my face, and blended with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

The foundation blends beautifully and dries to a very matte and velvety texture.  If you are light-handed with your makeup, or are just starting out with foundations, you can finish your face with one step because this foundation dries to a gorgeous powdery finish.

I really want to like this foundation and I have only applied it twice since receiving it a week ago, but I think I need to go into the store and test other shades because I don’t feel that Beige 50 is quite my color and in fact washes me out a little.

I am able to still see my skin under the makeup for a natural look which is nice, but without the correct shade I don’t feel like I look my best in this formula.  I also think that having the correct finishing powder will make a difference.

My next CHANEL purchase (in store this time) will most likely be the Poudre Universelle Compacte, which is their natural finish pressed powder, to see if it compliments the foundation.

What is your experience with the brand?  Any suggestions for color matches?

National Lipstick Day… -Or- National First Day of the Tiny Beauty Blog!

Well, well, well… Today is the day where I woke and stretched my arms, and said, “I wanna start a beauty blog!” and what a day to start as I did not even realize that today is National Lipstick Day…  Fate, no?

I really did try to see what kind of information I could bring up if I researched National Lipstick Day, and to be honest I didn’t search past the first Yahoo! page.  What I found were posts from other people talking about it.

What I do know is that women and men have been applying colored clays and natural dyes to their lips for thousands of years.

The first color I applied  to my lips at the tender age of 12 (17 years ago) was Wet N’ Wild’s lip liner in burgundy, and a swipe of Lip Smacker’s Strawberry lip gloss.  Hot stuff.

In these 17 years I have developed a love for all things beauty related and will be reviewing products, talking about products I love, and occasionally adding in a few posts about life in general as well.

Please let me know if you would like to see me review specific products and I will try my best.